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Oxford and University Green Week
University of Mississippi

Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities, Benefits, and More

Event Volunteer Sign-up

We have several events throughout Green Week that will need volunteers. Generally, volunteers will assist with basic set-up, tear-down, and/or facilitation of event activities and promotion. The shifts are between 1-3 hours depending on your preference and all hours will be verified through Givepulse. Volunteers will be given Green Week swag such as our tote bags, volunteer lanyards, and recycled notebooks as a token of our appreciation! After Green Week our most dedicated volunteers will be recognized and awarded for their contribution to sustainability at the University of Mississippi.

Please visit Givepulse to review and sign-up for a shift today: Givepulse OOS Page

Pop-up Volunteer Shifts

There will be several opportunities to help Green Week reach the broadest audience possible that do not involve scheduled volunteer shifts. In the weeks leading up to Green Week and possibly the weeks after, we will post “pop-up” volunteer shifts in our Green Team GroupMe. These events will be less formal or frequent. Pop-up volunteer hours will still be verified and volunteers will receive Green Week swag as a token of our appreciation.

Pop-up volunteer shifts are intended for individuals who want to get more involved in Green Week and/or have a schedule that is better suited to the flexibility of these events.  Opportunities will be posted with a minimum of a days notice. Examples of pop-up volunteer shifts include:

  1. Picking up flyers from the Office of Sustainability and distributing them on campus
  2. Arts and crafts night at the Office of Sustainability for last minute promotional material
  3. Green Week Exhibit up-keep

To get involved in our pop-up Green Week volunteer shifts, join the “Green Team” GroupMe by filling out our Google Form or contacting our Green Week Coordinator, Delaney Smith (

“Green Team” GroupMe

The Office of Sustainability has created a GroupMe that is intended to provide a platform for students to get involved with sustainability-related organisations on and off campus. With this, we hope to create a community for people who are interested in sustainability. The interns of our office will be managing the platform. The intended goals of the “Green Team” GroupMe is to:

  1. Post events and volunteer opportunities for our office (as well as other organizations who join the platform)
  2. Discuss sustainability topics locally and globally
  3. Generally establish a community that