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Oxford and University Green Week
University of Mississippi

University of Mississippi, Upcycle-palooza

A Yoknapatawpha Art Council and UM Office of Sustainability Event

Wednesday, April 20th, 5:00-8:00 PM at The Power House

Yoknapatawpha Art Council and the UM Office of Sustainability are partnering to host a community-wide upcycle event, Upcycle-palooza. This event will host several community organizations that support lowering our waste footprint through repairing, repurposing, or recycling items that would otherwise end up in the trash. Community organizations will be hosting several different upcycle stations where you can find tools, tips, and advice about what to do with your (currently) unwanted items. There will be refreshments, music, and plenty of helping hands.

Bring along your unwanted clothes, ceramics, art/art supplies, and anything else you want to be repurposed, repaired, or recycled, and enjoy a great night filled with community and crafting! Upcycle-palooza will be at the Power House on Wednesday, April 20th from 5:00-8:00 PM.

How To Participate

All campus and community members are welcome to participate! Stop by The Power House on April 2oth from 5:00-8:00 PM and bring your unwanted items to be repaired, recycled, or repurposed. Don’t have anything to bring? No worries, there will be plenty of activities that don’t require a thing; crafting, notebook making, refreshments, and community!

While you are welcome to bring any items you think might be “upcycle-able”, with the exception of anything you would need two people to carry (no furniture, please), here is a list of items that we will have specific donations and upcycle stations for:

  • Recycled paper or cardboard-for recycling or repurposing
  • Clothing-for swap, repair, repurposing, or recycling
  • Art/Crafting Supplies– for recycling or repurposing
  • Art & Frames- for swap or recycle
  • Ceramics– for repair or repurposing


About The Upcycling Stations

Recycled Notebook Station

The Office of Sustainability will be hosting a Recycled Notebook Station! Bring your gently used recycled paper and cardboard and the OOS will create a recycled notebook just for you using wire binding and a binding machine.

Clothing Repair, Repurpose, or Donate Station

Mississippi Volunteer Homemakers and Art To Sew will be hosting the repair, repurpose, or donate station. Bring your gently used clothing to mend or donate. Bring your clothing that needs to be repaired and get advice from our sewing experts. If you are lucky (the project is simple enough) they may just fix it for you!

Within this station, there will be a “Fix A Button Station” where you can learn how to sew buttons and make button repairs AND a “Sweater to Cardigan Station” where you can bring your long sleeve shirts or sweaters to be repurposed into a cardigan with buttons and all!

Clothing Swap Station

OUTGrads will be hosting the clothing swap station. Bring your gently used clothing to swap or shop our low-price selection of clothing!

Crafting Station: Art/Art Supplies Swap, Repurpose or Donate

Clay Canvas will be hosting our crafting station. Bring your home decor, ceramics, or old crafting projects to be repurposed, recycled, or repaired! They will have general crafting supplies, tools to do Kintsugi, and expert advice for upcycle projects. All crafting donations will go to the Yoknapatawpha Art Council Kids’ Summer Camp.