Oxford and University Green Week

University of Mississippi

2017 Green Week Prizes

Green Week T-shirt

Our t-shirt is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton by Recover Brand! One t-shirt uses 8 recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise sit in a landfill or litter the environment. The cotton is salvaged from industry scraps and blended with recycled PET polyester to make the soft t-shirt fabric. Since the recycled cotton is sorted by color, it eliminates the need to use dyes. Making these t-shirts uses 9x less water than conventional shirts that are dyed! Make sure you grab a Green Week t-shirt before they are gone! The available colors are red, blue, and green.

Grand Prize: Yeti Roadie

Everyone who completes one task in each category of the Green Week Challenge and returns their card will be entered to win this Yeti Roadie cooler! A Yeti is a great reusable alternative to a Styrofoam cooler for tailgating, camping, fishing, and more.


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