Oxford and University Green Week

University of Mississippi

2017 Green Week Exhibit – “A Littered Landscape”

The 2017 Green Week exhibit  will be created by UM alumna Anna Brigance, who conceived the idea while studying art and English at the University of Mississippi. “A Littered Landscape” will feature an original photograph of a natural space that will be covered with campus trash throughout the week. Learn more about Anna and the inspiration behind the exhibit below.

About the Artist

Anna Brigance

Anna Brigance is a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi, who double majored in art and English. Anna grew up in small town, populated with more chickens than people, about 20 minutes from the nearest Walmart. As a child, She fondly remembers spending the majority of her weekends and summers in her grandparents’ woods with her brother and three cousins. This was the beginning of her love of nature, a passion that has stayed with her her whole life.

In college, Anna became interested in the relationship that the land and humans have with each other. She looked at subject matter concerning development and farming and the negative effects that humans have on the land. She is also interested in the relationship of words and photographs and seeing the landscape as a character in itself.

Artist’s Statement

A Littered Landscape
by Anna Brigance

“Many people do not consider themselves environmentalists; when they hear about global warming, air pollution, deforestation, or the state of our oceans, their eyes glaze over and they stop listening.  Maybe it’s because all of these issues seem to be happening far away, like in China, India, or Brazil. Even if in America, maybe these issues are happening in regions and cities that we will never see. Yes, problems such as fracking or the destruction of fragile ecosystems are problems that are too big to be solved by one person alone. But there is one issue in which we all have a part to play and that is the issue of trash embedded in our beautiful landscapes. We do not need the media to tell us that everywhere we look, we see trash. It doesn’t matter what country you are in or what city you visit, trash is in every corner. We see it on the side of the road after a careless driver throws his Starbucks cup out the window. We see it in the winter when we push the leaves back and see candy wrappers snuggled with the twigs and dirt. We see it floating down a stream, eventually becoming a disastrous meal for the catfish in our lakes.

Our trash infiltrates even the most remote places, sometimes never seen by human eyes. And while the earth is able to decompose some trash, it takes her hundreds and thousands of years to decompose most and undo the damage that we have so thoughtlessly created. I believe that it is our responsibility to protect the only home that we were given. If all we do is pick up a stray aluminum can on campus instead of leaving it in a shrub, we will have still done something in the name of improvement.  By recycling instead of sending all our waste to landfills, we have still done something. We do not have to have ecology degrees or an understanding of how everything is connected to each other to make a difference. Trash is in our backyards, in the city over, in lakes, under leaves, in the bellies of birds and fish. You do not have to travel far or spend thousands of dollars to help. All you need are opened eyes and ready feet and hands.”

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