University of Mississippi

About Green Week

Children Viewing Light Bulb DisplayGreen Week is a joint effort between the city of Oxford and the University of Mississippi to engage residents, students, and visitors in learning more about sustainability.  Green Week represents a strong partnership and positive working relationship between the city and the university.

The City of Oxford and the University of Mississippi formed a joint committee in 2009 to plan and implement Green Week, the first event of its kind for this area.  The weeklong celebration of events proved to be so successful that the committee has continued planning Green Week each year since then.

The committee consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds and complimentary talents that bring a depth of perspectives that would not be possible otherwise.  All members of the committee work very hard on these community engagement programs to make a big impact in the community.

Community building

This partnership has developed into a strong, positive working relationship between the City and the University around all areas of sustainability.  This great working relationship could serve as a model for any town-gown relationship.  The committee’s working relationship extends beyond Green Week planning, as we keep each other informed about what is going on in our work.  We have access to each other’s networks when needed and share helpful information with each other.